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Flesh of My Flesh

“A secret hides within our society, within our bodies, our cells, our very DNA. At times, this secret reveals itself — the past, ancient times, prehistory — and those are days of hunger and terror. The human race trembles, then, its eyes ripped open, revealing humanity’s true place in the Universe. There are whispers of […]

America’s Fighting Dinosaur!

Eric has been selected as the composer for the short faux-documentary called “America’s Fighting Dinosaur”, an upcoming short film by creator, writer, and director Steve Snoey.  On the first of March, 2013, Eric sat on a panel with Steve, Lacey Levit, producer, and Nathan Miller, director of photography, in front of an enthusiastic crowd at […]

Lara’s Quest

This is one cue that Eric scored to a short film called “Cold Fish” by Ang D. Meadows. The live orchestra was recorded at Studio X this past January. Lara’s Quest


On these pages you will find samples of Eric’s work on films and performance projects, including this short Sampler clip below. Visit the other pages to find out more.  If you have any comments, questions, or would like to discuss and explore the music needs for your project, send Eric an email or give him […]