America’s Fighting Dinosaur!

"Little" Sammy Vogel of America's Fighting Dinosaur by Steve SnoeyEric has been selected as the composer for the short faux-documentary called “America’s Fighting Dinosaur”, an upcoming short film by creator, writer, and director Steve Snoey.  On the first of March, 2013, Eric sat on a panel with Steve, Lacey Levit, producer, and Nathan Miller, director of photography, in front of an enthusiastic crowd at the Emerald City Comic Convention to offer some insight into the upcoming short film that will feature a T-Rex called “Little” Sammy Vogel.  During the panel, a special sneak-preview was shown with clips from the forthcoming film.  Keep up with Sammy’s progress here at Steve’s blogspot page, and listen (below) to a sample of the music that was featured in the preview.:

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