Dark, Cerebral Thriller…

This demo features examples of Eric’s creations that can enhances a dark, cerebral thriller.

Whimsical and Mysterious

This demo features some of Eric’s whimsical and mysterious creations that can enhances a story.

Africa Dances, Africa Dreams

This past March 2013 has marked the second time that Eric has premiered his orchestral music at Benaroya Hall.  As one of eight pieces for the sold-out event, the premier of Eric’s composition “Africa Dances, Africa Dreams” featured Arturo Rodriguez on African percussion, the Northwest Synphonia chamber orchestra, and David Sabee as conductor.  Eric and other composers have been featured in publications leading up to the performance, including My Ballard, and Seattle Times.  ”Africa Dances” was also featured on KRCB during an interview with Arturo on the Percussion Discussion with Jim Laveroni.

Learn more about the concert at the Celebrate World Music website, and get your copy of the CD, or downloads, here at CD Baby!

America’s Fighting Dinosaur!

"Little" Sammy Vogel of America's Fighting Dinosaur by Steve SnoeyEric has been selected as the composer for the short faux-documentary called “America’s Fighting Dinosaur”, an upcoming short film by creator, writer, and director Steve Snoey.  On the first of March, 2013, Eric sat on a panel with Steve, Lacey Levit, producer, and Nathan Miller, director of photography, in front of an enthusiastic crowd at the Emerald City Comic Convention to offer some insight into the upcoming short film that will feature a T-Rex called “Little” Sammy Vogel.  During the panel, a special sneak-preview was shown with clips from the forthcoming film.  Keep up with Sammy’s progress here at Steve’s blogspot page, and listen (below) to a sample of the music that was featured in the preview.:

Musical Storytelling

The mind’s eye can reach deep into the imagination to conjure stunning details of dramatic settings, reveal new worlds to explore, and encounter breathtaking experiences.  Written for full orchestra, “Of Sailing Ships and Sea Nymphs”  explores the world within, examining the point at which rational motive is taken over by instinct, pulling us irresistibly into the depths of our innermost desires.  Told in the setting of a sailing ship that unexpectedly encounters mysterious voices singing from afar, Eric weaves a colorful journey through the emotions of intrigue, temptation, and beyond.

This work has been released on CD and digital download at CD Baby!

Stellar Surfaces!

Teaser of Stellar Surfaces painting series by Quentin L. SearlesThe Composition Lab presented the premier of Eric’s newest chamber music piece, “Stellar Surfaces” for string quartet, oboe and flute, one hot day in June. Hear a sample of the piece below!

Lara’s Quest

This is one cue that Eric scored to a short film called “Cold Fish” by Ang D. Meadows. The live orchestra was recorded at Studio X this past January.

Lara’s Quest

Big Sound…

…starts with small ideas!  Here is a short cue with big sound, which began with a small melodic idea and a need to convey building tension as a standoff between monster and hero leads to a bold attack.  This is 100% live orchestra, by the way.  Turn it up!

“A Bold Move”

Cookin’ in the Kitchen

Eric wrote a children’s song earlier this year.  It takes place in a typical kitchen on a typical day with a few funny characters and a surprise or two.  It is called “In the Kitchen Blues.”

Cue The Jazz

Part of the fun and suspense of writing a tune on the fly is seeing it evolve from initial concept to finished product.  In this example, Eric combined sampled and synthesized instruments along with live tracks to achieve a full sound for this jazz combo feel.  Dig?

Starlight Lounge