Boppy Bunny Eats Everything!

The Global Game Jam for 2023 brought us the new video game Boppy Bunny’s Rootin’ Adventure. With a lively score and vivid sound effects by Erica, this 2D top-down single screen video game features several levels and lots for Boppy to eat. Watch out for the obstacles, Boppy! Play the game, and listen to the score […]

Album Mix Engineering for David Hahn

Erica has been busy with a long planned studio upgrade, improving the acoustics for critical listening, mixing and mastering. And to cap it off, in the early days of 2021 they mixed the new album “SHE’s Finale” by fellow composer David Hahn. As a CD release of David’s past works and new compositions recorded over […]

World Of Chaldea

World Of Chaldea has launched a YouTube channel in late 2020. While you’re there, click on that ‘subscribe’ button. Erica (credited as ‘Eric’) composed and produced music for the first season – four out of eight episodes. Watch the first episode: Prologos, which showcases Erica’s writing for virtual orchestral, and also features singing dwarves! Also, check […]

The Long Haul premiered at SIFF 2019

Erica had the pleasure of working with film director Amy Enser for The Long Haul: The Story of the Buckaroos to write and produce original music for the film (credited as ‘Eric.’) It premiered at #SIFF2019 on June 5th at SIFF Cinema Egyptian, and also showed on June 8th at AMC Pacific Place. Read the […]

The Long Haul

The Long Haul is a documentary about the meaning of beauty in an industry that limits the definition of attraction. The film follows the visionaries behind Seattle’s Moulin Rouge-inspired cabaret club, Can Can, who depart the flooded burlesque market to re-imagine the limited male revue. The result is the Buckaroos — a theatrical cowboy western […]

Music for Collapse (2015)

“Home is the place where you stay in the night, where creatures with wings and claws come to bite…” Pursued by a mysterious and dangerous fog, four strangers converge on an empty cabin in the woods – a safe-haven to decipher the strange and deadly encounters they have witnessed. But how do they escape, and who, […]

Flesh of My Flesh

“A secret hides within our society, within our bodies, our cells, our very DNA. At times, this secret reveals itself — the past, ancient times, prehistory — and those are days of hunger and terror. The human race trembles, then, its eyes ripped open, revealing humanity’s true place in the Universe. There are whispers of […]

Ancient Aliens: Severed Skies

Ancient Aliens: Severed Skies is the debut game title from ZeroPoint Studios! From the website: “Ancient Aliens promises to marry the familiar and the groundbreaking in an unforgettable action experience that keeps players on the edge of their seat. Do you have what it takes to save the Earth from the very aliens that helped […]

Celebrate World Music wins 13th Annual IMA Award!

Erica (credited as ‘Eric’) and seven other composers are thrilled that “Celebrate World Music” is one of The 13th Annual Independent Music Awards Vox Pop Winners announced in August of 2014! Erica composed “Africa Dances, Africa Dreams” for the March 2013 CD release that is a Vox Pop Winning Album in the Contemporary Classical category.  Listen to clips […]

ECCC 2014 Teaser for America’s Fighting Dinosaur!

Emerald City ComicCon 2014 saw a new short teaser video for the up and coming America’s Fighting Dinosaur faux documentary by Steve Snoey. Erica wrote and produced the music in short order for an August 2nd screening at the Phoenix DinoCon 2014 in Arizona!  Listen to the score here: