Flesh of My Flesh

Flesh Of My Flesh

“A secret hides within our society, within our bodies, our cells, our very DNA. At times, this secret reveals itself — the past, ancient times, prehistory — and those are days of hunger and terror. The human race trembles, then, its eyes ripped open, revealing humanity’s true place in the Universe. There are whispers of those times, stories told by descendants of the survivors, but they’re only fragments of the truth — only what we can hear without going mad out of self-preservation. We cannot handle the naked truth. Our claims to maturity, civility, and evolution ring for what they are in the face of the truth. With our machines and medicine and psychology, we think we’ve mastered the terrified monkey within, but when that thin shell of self-deceit tears away, when we face the truth, it shatters our mind. It always has. It always will.” – Edward Martin III, dir.

Eric contributed his sound design skills as well as mixing and mastering skills during the final preparation of the soundtrack. Check out more about the film here, and if you’re in the Portland area on April 25, 2015, check out the world premier!

From the director: ”I’ve had the pleasure of working with Eric on a number of short films, and this is the first feature of ours he’s worked on. I can already say with great confidence that I hope he will lend his skills to my future projects as well — he is simply fantastic. Thank you, Eric!”

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